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Chet Roberts

Program Administration Manager

Chet brings 20 years of U.S. Air Force Supply/Logistics, 4 years commercial distribution/logistics and 13 years 3rd Party Logistics experience to the Lion Government Group Management Team. He has worked as a Logistics/Supply Specialist since enlisting in the Air Force in 1972. His responsibilities increased over the years, his assignments included Base Equipment Management Supervisor, Stock Control Manager, Small Arms Control Officer, Base Bench Stock Manager, Base Honor Guard, USAF Orientation Group Material Control Manager, HQ AFMC Service Store Manager. Chet retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant

After retirement Chet worked at the Distribution Center for a region Department Store. He worked in receiving, shipping, order fulfillment, and custom order management.

In the 13 years with Lion he has 2 years experience as purchasing agent buying uniforms directly from manufactures, inventory/data management, customer service and management for the U.S. Air Force Contract 1997-1999. His responsibilities have increased since the Virtual Prime Vendor Contract was awarded in 2000. Chet was initially an inventory and customer service representative. As the contract grew and changed Chet’s responsibilities increased.

Chet is currently the Program Coordinator for the Virtual Vendor Management Program (VVM) and Army 3PL Inventory and Customer Service Customer Group.

In addition to his 20 years of Air Force Inventory/Logistics Management experience and training, Chet has completed many logistics/supply/ leaderdership/management and computer software courses, workshops and seminars.

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