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TotalCare® Turnout Maintenance

Delivering safer gear for less

You face the challenge of outfitting your fire fighters with optimum personal protection while working with limited financial resources. These two objectives may seem to be at odds with each other, but the Turnout Maintenance Plan can help you achieve both.

What is the Turnout Maintenance Plan?

The Turnout Maintenance Plan delivers annual maintenance services at a flat rate for any brand of turnout gear up to 10 years old. The annual services include:

  • Advanced Cleaning.
  • Advanced Inspection.
  • Complete Liner Inspection (for gear three years and older).
  • Up to $120 in repairs.

How It Works 

LION TotalCare is a verified ISP that services all brands of gear. We employ over 20 years of experience and innovation, first-hand manufacture’s knowledge and world-class resources to extend the useful life of your turnout gear.

Why Sign Up

Enhanced safety and cost savings:

  • Reduces fire fighter health and safety risks
  • Optimizes the protective performance of your turnouts
  • Saves money by extending the safe useful life of your gear
  • Makes your budget more predictable
  • Helps you be compliant with a simple, easily managed program

Professional maintenance keeps turnouts safer, longer

Professional annual maintenance with LION TotalCare® has proven to reduce replacement costs by extending the useful, safe life of turnout coats and pants. LION TotalCare’s professional technicians have the training, experience and resources to identify potential performance issues and fix them so the turnout can be safely returned to service.

Departments using LION TotalCare for annual maintenance have dramatically decreased their turnout replacement rate and added time to the useful life of the department’s turnout assets.

For more information go to the FAQs or contact your nearest LION TotalCare Center.



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