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U.S. Army

LVI provides logistical support via the Army 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) that receives, stores, and distributes specific quantities of clothing items to military locations throughout the world. Services include: warehousing, material handling, storage, order processing, inventory management, repackaging and distribution as required. The number of requisitions and/or orders processed can exceed 3,500 transactions per day.

On this contract, LVI has set the standard for operating large warehouses and distribution centers; so much so that DLA has determined LVI is the primary wholesale supply point for all U.S. Army clothing. Through process standardization, we have been able to establish metrics that monitor our daily activities. These metrics also support our reporting documentation, letting our customers know we are doing the right things the right way. Our Six Sigma process engineering has enabled us to streamline our receiving and picking processes, ensuring we get the right equipment from the right location out the door in the shortest possible time. We have implemented a state-of-the-art warehouse management system; therefore we have the knowledge and technical capability to ensure all management tools are utilized to the utmost. The management and distribution of additional product lines and ecclesiastical items resulted in expanding the inventory from $25 million to more than $200 million throughout three locations since the program's inception.