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Impermeable Knee

Reinforced for Optimal Protection and Comfort

All LION firefighter pants include a layer of Lite-N-Dri closed-cell cushioning between the moisture and thermal barrier for increased thermal protection and comfort. Lite-N-Dri is impermeable to vapor and a proven heat blocker. This can be further enhanced with another layer of Lite-N-Dri between the outer shell and the knee reinforcement. The additional layer of Lite-N-Dri gives you 150% more thermal protection.

The FireWall Knee has the same design as the Lite-N-Dri system, but silicone foam is used between the outer shell and the knee reinforcement. Silicone has outstanding thermal resistance and delivers 250% more thermal protection than a standard knee system. Like the Lite-N-Dri Knee Reinforcement System, the FireWall Knee Reinforcement System also offers superior comfort when kneeling or crawling.