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LION Fire Academy

Your Source for Fire PPE Resources

LION is proud to introduce LION Fire Academy, your online destination for PPE resources and education. Whether you are a student, instructor or active fire fighter, you will find videos, training aids and links on all things PPE.

NFPA 1500 PPE Safety and Use – Learn what every fire fighter should know before using NFPA 1971 compliant gear through an in-depth 12-part video series. Take the test after each video to earn your PPE Safety and Use Certificates. The first 250 participants to take and pass (90% or higher) all 12 tests for NFPA 1500 PPE Safety and Use will receive a free LION Fire Academy T-shirt (size large).

NFPA 1851 Training – This video series shows you how to keep your PPE performing safely by teaching you how to do Advanced PPE Inspections, Advanced PPE Cleaning and Basic PPE Repairs. Take the test afterwards to earn your Manufacturer Trained Personnel Certificates.

LION Product Training – Instructional videos about the fit, form and functionality of LION products.

LION Fire Academy