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Garment Tracking System

NFPA 1851 lists 11 individual items that must be tracked. TotalCare® has the latest technology to track and document all key steps in the inspection, cleaning and maintenance process.

Web Portal

TotalCare provides a secure web portal to fire departments that choose to annually maintain all their gear. The web portal displays a variety of reports for tracking PPE items and managing their service cycle. In addition to displaying reports, the data can be exported into a spreadsheet or text file.

Proof of Services Label

The TotalCare PPE Maintenance Label gives you easy and instant access to maintenance information. The label is printed on FR material and adhered to the inside of your PPE item. The PPE Maintenance Label saves time and improves safety by providing instant proof of compliance during an audit of NFPA 1851 practices, giving each firefighter a constant reminder of when maintenance is due and allowing supervisory personnel to easily perform spot checks.

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