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Personal Rescue System Retrofits

When you’re in this kind of a hurry, it’s best to keep it simple. Just pull the tether and descender from the pocket, engage it to your harness or belt, connect to your anchor, pull the removable pocket off the pants, toss it out the structure and go.

Always with You, Never in the Way

The Personal Rescue System is conveniently housed in a removable pocket on the leg of your pants. This split bellows pocket keeps the rope from becoming entangled with the descender.

Plus, there’s no bag banging against you, and no strap to snag when the system is not in use. It can be retrofit on any brand of turnout pants.

Liner Inspection System Retrofit – Makes Complete Liner Inspections Easy and Fast 

Velcro® sealed opening is placed at the neck of the coat liner and waistline of the pants. When opened, the liner can be turned inside/out to allow inspection of the film side of the moisture barrier and back side of the thermal barrier. Makes complete liner inspections easy to perform — $67 for coats and $44 for pants.  Pays for itself by slashing the time required for a complete liner inspection.

DRD Retrofit – Any Turnout Brand

Upgrade your current turnout gear for less than $200 You don’t have to purchase new turnout gear to arm your fire fighters with the security and safety of a Drag Rescue Device (DRD). TotalCare® can retrofit your current turnout coats with an original equipment DRD made from DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber.

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