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NFPA 1851

What You Should Know About NFPA 1851

NFPA 1851 establishes criteria for setting up a program to reduce safety risks and potential health risks related to poorly maintained, contaminated, or damaged protective ensembles and ensemble elements manufactured to NFPA 1971. 

Program components covered by the standard are:

Fire departments must develop written standard operational procedures that describe the components of the program and define the roles and responsibilities of the organization and its members.

The matrix below gives you a quick reference to basic requirements for performing specific tasks identified in NFPA 1851.

 Activity Performed
by Fire Fighter
Training Required Third-Party
Verification Required
Special Equipment
 Routine Inspection X      
 Advanced Inspection    X   
 Complete Liner Inspection X X
 Routine Cleaning  X       
 Advanced Cleaning    X     
 Basic Repair   X    
 Advanced Repair      X

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